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  1. We have a design concept and would like to understand how your materials can help achieve it, or provide a solution for a particular technical issue. What can you do to assist us?

    Dalal Tiles regularly works with architects and designers at the design stage to understand their vision and help bring concepts to reality. We are pleased to discuss material and installation options, technical performance attributes and provide details. More often than not, the earlier we are asked to contribute, the more likely we can provide a useful solution.

  2. We have project where we have encountered budget constraints and must now "value-engineer" the design. How can you assist us?

    We are pleased to review drawings and material options previously specified in order to identify opportunities to substitute materials, simplify construction, speed up installation, and ultimately save money. Honest, forthright advice is what we are known for, even if it does not result in use of our materials or solutions on a given project.

  3. Are you able to provide technical input on a complex new design we are working on?

    Yes, we are happy to review drawings and identify opportunities where use of our solution can address a technical challenge. We do not charge for this service, but if asked to develop 3D models or other technical documentation, or must fabricate a proof of concept mock-up, charges may apply. Our hope, however, is that our input results in Dalal Tiles being specified in the project, and that we will earn the opportunity to be part of it.

  4. We are interested in learning more about your materials and solutions. How do we obtain more information?

    You can anytime contact us and if required we will send our local representative who could give you complete information about our products.


  1. We sometimes obtain products on a "supply and install" basis. Can Dalal Tiles offer this service?

    Because we supply all across India, it is not always economical or practical to transport people from the factory over long distances to job sites where they may have to wait on other trades. Often, given local laws and business requirements, we may not be able to offer installation, even if we would like to. There are certain situations in India where “supply and install” service is applicable. Otherwise, we would be happy to recommend proven contractors that we have worked with in the past.

  2. How do I obtain pricing for a job we are quoting, or have already secured?

    Prices are quoted on a project-by-project basis. As a custom manufacturer, price is normally comprised of tooling and material costs, and is influenced by quantity, complexity, lead time, and factory finishing (if specified). Requests for pricing are best submitted by sending an e-mail to info@dalalgfrc.com . Be sure to provide the name of the project, its location, relevant plans, sections, and quantity take-offs (if available). Please clarify when the quotation is required, and your complete contact details. A member of our estimating team will contact you to acknowledge receipt and clarify any issues once they've had the opportunity to initially review the details you've provided.

  3. What is your typical lead time for an order? How can we reduce it?

    We always manufacture to order. Therefore, we do not maintain an inventory of products ready to ship. Lead time depends on the size and complexity of an order, plant capacity, and the customer's project schedule, but is always contingent on the receipt of approved shop drawings by the architect. Lead times are always calculated from the time approved drawings are received by Dalal Tiles. We will work closely with the project job site to establish and meet critical deadlines. Typically, products can be shipped to a project work site in three to ten weeks after shop drawings are approved. Specific lead-times are quoted, based upon the then current factory schedule, by a member of our Estimating Team at the time of Quotation. Partial shipment can be arranged to meet difficult or short lead times. Lead times can be streamlined by ensuring that Dalal Tiles has the most current version of the architectural drawings, either as an unlocked PDF file or a DWG file. From these drawings, we can prepare our own shop drawings. Lead time can also be reduced by ensuring prompt turnaround of the approved Dalal Tiles shop drawings by the architect.

  4. How can you help us during installation?

    Support from Dalal Tiles can be offered in a variety of ways. On a self-service basis, our shop drawings provide very clear details showing installation sequence, substrate preparation and fixing details. Additional information may be available via our Website (installation instructions and videos). The project designer who prepares shop drawings can answer specific questions, as can our in-house material development team. For an additional charge, Dalal Tiles provides site services with experienced factory approved technical representatives who can offer guidelines and information to installers, or demonstrate certain installation techniques. This support can accelerate installation time and ensure the highest quality of installation. Please contact Dalal Tiles for more information about site services available for your project.